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Annual Visits

Available Healthcare Services

Primary Care

Bay Area Community Health Clinic are located throughout the Alameda County and Santa Clara County. BACH provides a broad range of health services to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community. Prevention care is the primary focus of our clinic. It is better to protect your health before further complications.


Children are our future, so it is important to protect their well-being. We specializes in pediatric care, and we have a strong focus on serving the needs of patients under 18 years old, including immunizations for uninsured children.

Teen Clinics

BACH teen clinics are here to offer you confidential information, resources and answers to all your questions about health, sex, birth control, and STDs. Whether you want to know more about your birth control options, or need to refill, we are here to help! We encouraged you to make an appointment to come in. However, we still accept walk-in.

Health Screenings & Testing

BACH provides many different type of health screenings and testing, included but not limited to: cancer screening, auditory screening, paper smear, HIV/AIDS & STDs screening, mammograms, and other type of specialized screenings.

Homeless Programs

BACH addresses the situation beyond simple shelter. We designed to foster human interaction, belonging, and small community support. It is the first step in helping people gain control of their lives and fight back against economic, mental health, or addiction challenges. We have our Homeless Outreach for People Empowerment’s Team that serve over 3,640 client visits per year.

Women’s Health & Family Planning

We have an excellent team to protect your health and confidentiality. Prenatal care is a critical part of a healthy pregnancy as well as postnatal care. We aim to help you with every step of your way for your pregnancy. We also have Family PACT, CDP, and CPSP programs to further assist you with your journey.