Medical Care Details

We are very happy that you have chosen Bay Area Community Health!
We want you to get the most out of your care.
Here are some helpful hints for you in working with our clinic.

Bring Your Meds: Please bring all the medicine you are taking to your appointment, in the bottles they came in, even if they are empty.

*If you are taking medicine you got in another country, please try to find out the English name of the medicine if you can, and/or what the medicine is for.

If you do not speak English: Please tell us the language that you understand the best. We have a staff who speaks many languages that can help translate for you. We will be happy to make those arrangements for you!

Be on Time: The time your medical provider has to spend with you is usually 10 to 20 minutes, so it is important to be on time! Please try to come 15 minutes before your appointment.

Make a List: Your Medical Provider will have time to take care of at most, three things, during your visit. To better prepare yourself, make a list of all your important questions or concerns.

Records from your Last Medical Provider: If you have records, copies of lab tests or x-rays, or any other information from the last place where you went for medical care, please bring it with you. If you do not have this information, your Medical Provider may want to order it.

X-Rays and Specialty Care: Your Medical Provider will decide if you need any x-rays or if you need to see a specialist for any of your health concerns. If this is necessary, the Medical Provider will fill out a referral form, our Referrals Department will contact you. This may take up to four weeks depending on how urgent the referral is. Please wait for the Referral Department to contact you and be sure we have your current phone number at all times.

Lab Work: Bay Area Community Health does some tests at our clinics, such as pregnancy tests. For other tests, you Medical Provider may ask you to go to Quest Diagnostics. You will get a lab slip to take to the lab and a list of lab locations. It is important that you get the lab work done soon after your appointment, and follow any directions the Medical Provider gives you, such as not eating before the test.

After you get the lab work done, your Medical Provider will tell you how often you need to repeat it. You may not have to do any more lab work, or you might have to get more lab work on a regular basis. Your Medical Provider will tell you when it is best for you to get more lab work.

Prescriptions: Your Medical provider will give you medicines that you need to treat problems or stay healthy.

If the medicine is not covered by your insurance program, the Medical Provider will send a referral to our Drug Scholarship program, if there is a way for you to get the medicine for free. Someone from our Drug Scholarship program will then call you and have you come in to fill out the drug scholarship application. You will be asked to bring information about your income (1040 or 4506-T Form) and a list of your current medications.

Pain Medicine: Your Medical Provider may give you medicine to help you manage pain. As with all medicines, you must follow the instructions on the bottle that tells you how many pills to take, and how often to take them. If you lose your main medicine, it may not be replaced. You may be asked to sign an agreement- a Pain Management Contract- when you are given pain medicine.

Follow-up Appointments: Your medical provider will tell you when to come back. You can make a return appointment on your way out of the clinic, or you can call for a return appointment.

Refills: If your medical provider gives you a prescription and you need a refill, you do not need to make an appointment to get a refill. All you have to do is ask the pharmacy to fax a Refill Request to (510) 770-8141. Once we get the fax, you should be able to pick up your refill at the pharmacy within 48 hours.