introducing telephone visit

Meet our Providers Within Minutes!

Call: 408.729.9700



never leave your home

We bring the provider to you, no matter where you live in the Bay Area. Simply, call us to schedule for an appointment and ask for a Telephonic visit.

get a prescription

Connect to a provider who can diagnose, treat, and if needed, send your prescription to a local pharmacy. Fast and easy.

Get your result

Too busy to go to the clinic? No worry, call our clinic to schedule for an appointment, and you can get your treatment result in the comfort of your home!


We accept most insurance plan and will also offer you our sliding fee scale (discount) services!

Cost for telephonic visit?

Telephonic Visit cost is the same cost as you would go to your provider’s office!

It is just a more convenience way to provide you with the care that you need from the comfort of your home!

We believe in providing quality care at an affordable rate to anyone who uses our service.

We accept Medical/Medicaid and most insurance plans!
If you prefer to pay your visit without insurance, we also offer a sliding fee scale (discount) services.

Telephonic Visit is a cross platform video/message optimization system to connect providers and patients.

Our patients say

"I love telephonic visit. I wish it would continue after the Covid-19 pandemic. I can just discuss my problem with the doctor over the phone rather than having to wait at the doctor's office."
justin gonzalez
"I do not have a car and always have to rely on my family member to take me to the doctor. However, with this telephonic thing, I can see my doctor whenever I wanted. "
Hall Schneider
"I have no idea why we have to come to the clinic in the first place to obtain my lab result, now I can just ask my doctor for my result over the phone. I love the convenience of over the phone visit."
trang bui
"What would be better than to call my doctor and get my prescription right away? With this, I only have to go to the pharmacy to get my prescription, rather than go to the clinic to request for a refill then the pharmacy. This way saves me a lot of time."
Kevin Jun