Communicating What We Know
 to Communities of Care

Join us for an aces Symposium
August 12, 2021

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August 12

Keynote & Expert Panel
  • 9am - Noon
  • Join an interactive discussion with several nationally-recognized experts on ACEs and the field of early childhood development
  • Learn how to communicate, screen, treat and heal trauma associated with adverse childhood experiences
  • Receive a free social media toolkit to educate your community about screening for ACEs

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Roy Wade

Assistant Professor Pediatrics University of Pennsylvania


Ella Sogomonian

KRON 4 Anchor

Guest Panelists

Dr. Zettie Page

Bay Area Community Health Chief Executive Officer

Dave Cortese

California Senate
District 15

Dr. Sheshashree Seshadri

Bay Area Community Health Clinical Director


Vice President of Research Interpretation at the FrameWorks Institute

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