Ohana Health Walk Day 3: Mindfulness

Walking Meditation Mindfulness – 10 Minute Guided Mindful Walk in the City

Walking Meditation

Download PDF  (berkeley.edu)

1) Sight: Look at the surrounding- clouds, people, nature, animal, plants. Note it down.

2) Touch: Have them walk on the grass barefoot or lay down on the grass( if the weather is good and not raining) as a dare.  We can also persuade people to touch a flower and feel it and note it down. 

3) Listening: The nature- wind blowing, cars passing by, dogs, music, or maybe quietness and your own breathing for peacefulness.

4) Smell: Smell the flowers, possible smell the neighbors cooking when passing by their house.

5) Taste: Incorporate the importance of hydration, so taste water, as some people may think water taste better/ different after you exercise, or have a healthy snack as a reward after the stroll.  If you are stuck on what healthy meal to eat, you can look at the resource of healthy meals, treats and beverages we have recommend on the Ohana Walk Webpage.

– After finishing your walk,  write the details of your stroll experience in a journal or something similar to look back and remember the connection to the walk and your five senses. Or, you can share a moment from your walk with BACH! Tag us using #ohanahealthwalk – #Sensethewalk

Recipe of the day
Fruit Pizza

Tasty treat of the day
Pineapple- Orange Frozen Yogurt https://www.choosemyplate.gov/recipes/supplemental-nutrition-assistance-program-snap/pineapple-orange-frozen-yogurt

Drink of the day
Avocado Breakfast Melon Smoothie: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/recipes/myplate-cnpp/avocado-melon-breakfast-smoothie